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Investment in the market and understanding the intricacies of profitable investment is indeed a complex subject to understand. It buy time and constant effort to make the best out of this subject. The more we dig deep into it it becomes more and more interesting and in turn, rewarding too.

An ordinary investor should, however,understand the simple terms being used in our regular interactions. The aim being to make the best out of what we read about daily on this (yours) so favorite a website.

I shall touch upon each point in a brief manner in order that it does not prove to be boredom.

What is stock market ?

A place where shares of public listed company are traded is called stock market.

What is Primary Market ?

Primary market where IPOs are listed. Once traded in Primary market they are traded in the secondary market. There are two main exchanges in India -

1. National Stock Exchange.

2. Bombay Stock Exchange.

What is Regulator ?

Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) exercise controls over both the exchanges including other small stock exchanges in India. It has varying role to play including curbing speculation which mars the atmosphere in the market. When unhealthy speculation takes place on a particular stock, it implements Upper or Lower Circuit to bring about sanity in the particular stock.

To continue.............

Note : The aim of throwing light is to help my members to capitalize on existing knowledge. It is not that you do not know about these small small point. Rather, may be, some of them amongst you know many times more than me. At my end, it is being done un-assumingly and modestly please.

Am sure my honoured member shall enjoy each tip on the subject, each passing day.The aim also being that this website is full of life.




  • nice initiative sir. Your site is quite interesting, since its in a different format to the mmb one i feel members are getting used to accessing and interaction will happen once they get the feel.
  • I like the way you explain and how you keep it simple
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