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GLENMARK cmp 839 52 Week High/Low 1261 / 671

Dear Friends,

A Pharma giant and a virtually debt free company, Glenmark has the equity base of around 27 crore wit market capitalisation of Rs.23675 crore with massive reserves to the tune of Rs.4924 crore (as per the last data available). At price to earning of just 14 against the industry average of 32, it is enjoying very attractive EPS while its valuations and profit margins are on the positive. With ROE of 46% it is paying dividend of 200% against the FV of Rs.1/. In other words it comes as a defensive stock too. Company is more into retaining profit for tentative diversification plans and at the same time is not disappointing the retail share holders sharing its profit with CRR : DPR ratio of 95 : 05.

Win win situation when it comes to share holding pattern with promoters holding around 46% of total shares.

One should invest in this stock at current level with short to med term. Remember, patience is the key to massive rewarding coming one's way.

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