“A small amount of charity to the needy adds to your very prosperity. Do it – sweetly, smilingly in your own small, modest way”
Those who run into bad portfolio in past for one reason or another can have it reviewed or restructured on

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B. Writing at Email: tilak22b@gmail.com

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About Me

1. Exposed to the World of Stock Market which is like a vast ocean, I have given over three decades in my capacity as an individual retail investor to understand it. My aim, all along has been to invest my valuable time, energy and modest resources and share what ever little knowledge I can, with the common investor not only in the field of profitable investment but on other aspects of life n livelihood.

2. Indian economy being an integral part of global developments, it largely toes the line of global turns n turmoils – good or bad both. Thus, it would not be surprising to know that as an individual investor, one must not only brave but also brace oneself to take it easy than adding to the discomfiture at the time corrections which are part of on going behavior of the market.

3. A retail investor is most often found to be landing in critical situations or passing through tough time when it comes to exploring appropriate avenue/spaces of workable investment. With him it is not as easy as it may seem to be since, beside running other establishments at personal level (dispensing with other financial obligations), he inclines to invest his hard earned money to add to his available financial for betterment of life. But, if he happens to find a trusted ally in the shape of a not only good but a fairly honest advisor his mission to not only save on his investment but add to it in the form of profits becomes more easier. He is not only lucky but better positioned than others to make the best out of investment thus enjoying on both personal and professional life. In other words, there would be no road blocks ; hopefully no one will / should.

4. The “Power of Sharing” ought to be deeply embedded into our core values since this has been an integral part of not only our Indian culture, but across the World. Those who have shared with others in the shape of knowledge, other riches of life, are humble, un-assuming and master the positive self thus extending a helping hand to the needy, under priviledged and lesser beings have succeeded far more in life than others. Doing so, unarguably, paves the way for overall growth on personal front and society at large.

Better known as Smartian “Tilak” on MMB (a Worldwide site on Financial Matters), I have a follower - base of over 9000 with around six years of experience on Money Control. The journey is too long - the aim being to reach out to the last man (investor) in the row – together we should.
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