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Dear Friends,

ISGEC (a north based company and basically catering to the needs of heavy engineering) was initially recommended at much lower levels in Aug 2016 and lately at 4646. It has today made a quick come back giving the rise of over 4% while it has plenty of scope for appreciation. I would suggest that it is a perfect hold to marvellous return.

General -

Some member say that while building their folio, large quantity of shares at cheaper rate should be included. I differ with them giving the following plausible reasons :smile:

Higher number (portfolio building wise).

Where the investible amount is large, allocation is a good mix of large, med and small caps. Quantity was, they may be less but, efforts are made to see that quality is not compromised. The accruing and anticipated gains are :smile:

With stocks having FV of 10/- and small equity capital and massive reserves, there are chances of split and bonus to be in place ; sooner or later. Even dividend pay out is very high and they at best serve as defensive stocks. Holding increasing with the announcement of split or bonus. What we need is to master patience.

Where the investible amount is just reasonable, efforts are made for the mid or small caps. With small amount available, it is difficult to opt for large caps since, in majority of the cases, their market price is high and is not affordable. Yes, we can easily manage buying med and small caps. Again, it is not that they lack potential for growth. Most often (like these days) med and small caps are providing the best of return when compared with large caps.

Before I wind up, I would like to add with all humility they the growth in the folio of our member is marvellous. I wish that with constant and continuing efforts, the so called journey continues for yet better times.


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