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Dear Friends,

Now when the earning season is on (by and large) we are looking for a renewed hope in the market. It is anticipated that this quarter around, results shall be good and hence, we should take the advantage of such times.

No doubt, Dewali and Qr 2 earning season are known for rewarding times but, market keeps us always on the toes. One or the another another event keep on staring and scaring us. Like, Elections in USA (Presidential) and Fed rate high (anticipated). But, for now, we should keenly watch the Sept qly results for good.

Remain invested while keeping a close eye on the impending global level events.

With best of wishes,



  • Thanks Tilakji.

    A confession :
    Your recommended stocks are all up for me. As a long term investor l can certainly stick with these stocks for long term 5, 10, 15 years.
    But at times the thought certainly comes if there will be a correction and I should offload all profitable stocks that has given over 40 to 45% returns and reenter after a quarter. I did try this exercise, the last time when the news came up of Fed rate hike and there were other negative news. But gradually instead of correction your recommended stocks moved up another 30% and now has started looking expensive / out of reach.
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