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Neuland Lab : CMP 696

Dear Friends,

Currently quoting Rs.696 with 52 week of High n Low of 310 - 923 respectively, Neuland is right on the growth track.

No doubt, as on 31 Mar 2015, company had the debt equity ratio of 1.13% (higher than acceptable level) but it is also observed that it has brought down the debt equity ratio to 1.13% from 1.43%. it speaks of the management to be careful about the financial health of Neuland Lab. Small equity capital of 8.95 crore with growing reserves like 150 crore (Mar 15) compared with 113 crore (Mar 14), reveals that company is adding to its kitty (on annualized basis)

With earning per share of just 24 against the industry PE of around 33 and with EPS of 28, the stock is worth Rs.800 for those who buy/hold with patience. We should remember that Neuland Lab is a dividend paying company with profit generating efficiency level of 15% as on 31 Mar 2015.

Invest with conviction and reap the rich harvest.

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