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Dear Friends,

The following stock were missed out in the list of stocks which have given decent return during the past couple of weeks :smile:

Heritage Foods.

While Heritage has been on the list of growing stock for too long and has been making wonderful moves, CERA was recommended only a couple of days ago and has given around 25% return.

One can book partial profit though those who play for longer period having confidence in the stock/market can carry on with them.

In SIP mode they are still BUY.

Note : I would request those members that when you have convincing reasons to have invested in to stock, you should not be satisfied with notional profit. Minimum acceptable gains should be 20 - 25%.


PS - I am thanks to Mr Gaurav D from Pune (our esteemed member and an avid reader of this site) to have reminded me of these stocks on having been missed by me for inclusion in the list.

Thanks Gaurav for the initiative. I would look forward to any kind of feed back which you may like to provide. The reason being that it is a team work and it is very difficult for a single individual to take care of it (this site)

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