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Those who run into bad portfolio in past for one reason or another can have it reviewed or restructured on

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Dear Friends,

Following stocks were recommended by me on this site and their status is :smile:

R - Recommended at

C - Current Price

May 2016
R 2600 C 2590

Birla Corp
R 380 C 548 +44%

Dabur India
R 277 C 316 +14%

Sundaram F
R 163 C 194 % 19%

R 154 C 174 +12%

Nav Bharat Ventures
R168 C 244 +45%

Jamna Auto
R 146 C 168 + 15%

June 16

Indo Borax
R 345 C 390 +13%

R 1510 C 1561 +3%

Thermax India
R 789 C 901 +14%

We we closely watch at the performance of these stock, we find that the reward ratio has been very good in majority of the stock. Stock like L and T and Hawkins where we are not comfortably placed, are season stock - Larsen being a heavy weight in infra with global presence and Hawkins - one of the best defensive stock into domestic product, over decades.

Suggestion -

Where one finds that return is reasonably good and satisfy their appetite return wise can take their personal decision. At my end, feel like market has the scope to add to some more numbers with results on the threshold.

Stock performance wise, I suggest that my members should take maximum advantage of my suggested stocks on this web site for decent rewards coming their way. No doubt, I am open to help you in portfolio building and other help - 24 x 7, ever n always, as hithertofore. At the same time, in majority of the cases where I have helped my members building folio, are sitting on hefty profit by now - since they are with the assigned folio for over six months by now.

My God bless you with more and more gains coming your way.

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