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Dear Friends,

The following stocks were recommended on these Forum during the month of May 2016 and their status is like -

Sutlej Textiles
Recommended at 592
Today's Price 688

Eicher Motor
Recommended at 20211
Today's price - 19218
Hold looking at auto segment prospects

Monte Carlo
Recommended at 441
Today's Price 408
Hold it being a company with progressive management and it being in ready mades.

Recommended at 282
Today's Price - 379
Appreciation by 34%
(One can book partial profit)

Piramal Enterprises
Recommended at 1201
Today's Price - 1412
Appreciated by over 17%

Hawkins Cookers
Recommended at 2600
Today's Price : 2575

Recommended at 818
Today's Price : 913
Appreciated by over 11%

ION Exchange
Recommended at 328
Today's price : 333

Sasken Comn.
Recommended at 348
Today's Price : 326

Dewan Housing
Recommended at 207
Today's Price : 202

It transpires from the above observations that overall,our graphs is rewarding.

Wish you the best of rewarding making their way.

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