“A small amount of charity to the needy adds to your very prosperity. Do it – sweetly, smilingly in your own small, modest way”
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Dear Friends,

Good morning.

When I recycle my memories, I remember having covered good number of series to make this (your website) to be more and more interesting ; there being any cluttering or boring. The last series being "Gate Way to Happiness" Am sure that like all previous series on different topics of general interest, you liked this series too.

Today I begin with a new Series called "Positive Self". Am sure, you would like going thro it at your leisure time.

All of us are blessed with positive self. It is another thing that only far and few amongst us do harness on this so beautiful a human quality. Improving upon self-image is like improving any skill - it takes time and practice. Developing good self-esteem involves encouraging a positive (but realistic) attitude toward yourself and the world around you and appreciating your worth, while at the same time behaving responsibly towards others.

To continue............

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