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Dear Friend,

Times are very ripe for two sectors namely Auto / Auto ancillary and agro chem industry.

When it comes to auto ancillary, one cannot ignore Steel Strip Wheel which is having the market exposure to the tune of 632 with price to earning of 10 against the industry PE of around 21. Decent EPS of 40 with massive Book Value of 301, its equity capital is just 15 crore against the reserves which are showing decent figures on annualized basis.

All critical areas like raw material cost being under control, net profit clocking good numbers, ratio (profit) and margins besides ROE, all the continuously on the increase.

Another positive factor that promoters are holding around 59% of total share with active participation by mutual fund, banks and FIs. Management is having good policies ; retaining the profit for growth related investment while reasonable percentage if being shared with the stake holders (share holders).

Though I stay away from giving target but, those who can master patience and hold it for short to med term, the stock is worth 600 in good market conditions. Provided though that results for Q1 are in line with the expectations of the market man.

Invest n Enjoy !!



  • steel strip , I think positive view beside financial is entering into alloy wheel . since it has run up to 480 , what could be right entry point for medium-long term?
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