“A small amount of charity to the needy adds to your very prosperity. Do it – sweetly, smilingly in your own small, modest way”
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How do we Define Character.

First of all,we have to understand the meaning of character. It is the total of traits and qualities that will define a certain individual or group of people. It describes the ethical and moral strength of the individual, as well as attributes and abilities that will ultimately correspond to their life choices. Character defines the person and his or her actions, with the possibility of these being positive on how to become a better you.

Character is closely related to integrity, which is defined as consistent adherence to strict moral or ethical code. People who have integrity can be defined as complete, unimpaired and sound. Integrity, as a whole, can be defined as performing the right things for the right reasons, regardless of the conditions and circumstances.

Though the character building exercise can be begun at any time during the life but, it takes a better shape during the childhood.

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