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Dear Friends,

Nails are an important part of our body. Here are some of the points which we should remember in taking proper care of our nails -

1. Never use a steel file ; it will tear the delicate Keratin layers. Instead use an emery board.

2. Always file from each side of the nail towards the centre.

3. Never make sawing, back and forth motion.

4. Do not shape your nails to a point as it breaks easily.

5. Clip away pieces of skin around the nail only if they cause irritation. Regular use of hand cream may soften the skin and make it less likely to spoilt.

Though these points are important to remember for our lady members like Alpa Shah, Jayashree Shriram, Jaya Menon, Anu and Shefauli Jain, USA lady wives our our members would also love to keep these points close to their heart though their spouse/s.




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