“A small amount of charity to the needy adds to your very prosperity. Do it – sweetly, smilingly in your own small, modest way”
Those who run into bad portfolio in past for one reason or another can have it reviewed or restructured on

A. Calling at Mob: 08813013300
B. Writing at Email: tilak22b@gmail.com

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Dear Friends,

When I browse through the Membership List, good number of new entrants appear there on daily basis. I would request them to know and appreciate that :smile:

1. Those who appear as applicant have the privilege to know about the general information appearing on the website. It is not even distantly related to market. You can just enjoying reading it which helps you greatly to upgrade your life style.
The names of such applicants are deleted from time to time - entry is banned without any prior notice.

2. There is another category know as PREMIUM CATEGORY. The rights and privileges of those covered in this category are many times more like -seeking help building portfolio, seeking stock related query, market updation, selling and buying queries and much more. The reason being, they pay annual fee of Rs.15100 and rightly so, enjoy all these attached benefits for one year - 12 x 7.

I would request the "Applicants" as such to come forward, turn into Premium Category Members and be part of this so happily run a team.

Those who are keen to join as Premium Category Members can contact me on the following :smile:

Mob No 08813013300

Email Id - tilak22b@mail.com

Looking forward to a great and most rewarding association.


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