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Dear Friends,

We must thank you most profoundly for having supported me (when we were away to Shree Jaganath Puri). Without your support it would have not been possible.

Now when we have wound up on the visit, I would like to provide an over view of the visit :

Jaganath is the third incarnation of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Unlike other deities of worship, it is made of wooden above few feet from the ground level and is worshipped by one and all from within Odisha and other parts of the country including from other countries.

Our visit included :

Day I
Visit to Shree Jaganath Temple.

Puri Sea Beach
(Bay of Bengal)
Where most revered Ganges river falls after traversing many Indian states.

Day II.

On way to Bhubneshwar (about 70 Km from Puri and capital of Odisha).

Konark Sea Beach)

Light House Special

Sun Temple).


Lingaraj Temple


Mukteshwar Temple

Sideshwar Temple

Khandagiri, Udaigiri (caves)

Nandankanan (Zoo)
World fame zoo housing different specifies of animals and birds including reptiles.

Day III.

Total Gopinath


Hira Samadhi


Chandan Talab

Shree Loknath Temple

Mata Math.
All these places of historical and religious interest speak about Lord Krishna.

As for boarding, lodging and local transport, these are available at competitive prices.

Now when I am back, I am sure we shall again pro actively engage ourselves in day to day activity.

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