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Dear Friends,

All of us know that five Indian states have / are going for State Assembly Elections ; UP being the biggest state. The upcoming results of these states in early March shall play a very crucial role for the ruling dispensation and opposition parties. Should BJP be lucky enough to garner the maximum seats, there would be very reason to believe that market shall be contesting higher levels. On the contrary, situation may turn out to be messy for the time being. As such, we should keep a close eye on these development. Investment wise, one should deploy the funds but at the same time, to an extent one should be cash rich. In the event of situation not favoring BJP, some correction would be there which can be utilized to buy at corrected levels.

Another development is : GST

GST is likely to turn into a reality in mid 2017 which would be good for the market. Though, little far but it would provide a much needed flavor to the market for good. Reason being GST shall bring about a total sanity in the the taxation system. Thus far, Indian system has been a big loser on this account when compared with the international taxation system.

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