“A small amount of charity to the needy adds to your very prosperity. Do it – sweetly, smilingly in your own small, modest way”
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We must endeavour to transcend the human state to reach the divine state and that is what the most knowledgeable persons do. Think in terms of plane taking off. A plane starts off taxing on the tarmac before it takes off. But can a plane reach its destination if it only keeps moving on tarmac, without taking off ? NO.

Similarly, what sense does it make for a human being to be merely human without aspiring to a higher state (goal) ? A human being, therefore, must see the human state as an intermediary step on his upward journey. In specific terms, "To Transcend the Human State ? - In fact it serves as a ladder to achieve highest goal/s in life.

May your achievements confront no barriers.



  • what a lovely insight and thought !!! i heard once .. we are all divine beings , here for a human experience...let not our human experience make us forget our original divinity :)
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