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Dear Friends,

Going forward market conditions seem to be volatile right till end Jan 2016. One is given to understand about these views based on the following reasons :smile:

Q3 results which would start coming in by week of Jan (Ind Majors). Since the industry has posted results for the past two qrs below expectations of the market man, this qr too seems to be not putting up a good show. Demonetization of Indian currency may have effected the already poor show put up by the industry.

Trump Factor - Mr Donald Trump who is likely to take over in Jan 2017 is concentrating more and more on reviving the American economy than least concerned about the EMs. He seems to be against out sourcing - a development which would effect the IT industry. Creating job opportunities for the Americans tops his agenda.

Elections in State - Some states are poll bound. Seems that these elections are going to be pre poned to Jan - Feb 17 than earlier scheduled by Election Commission of India. This shall set the tone for development from different angles since political situation, either way, too effects the markets.

Union Budget. Our market as always pins plenty of hopes on the outcomes of the Union Budget. One cannot comment for sure as to what all our FM has on the Agenda. No doubt, views of Head of Industry (CII and Chambers of Commerce across India) are also being sought before the final prints are drawn.

GST Factor - A long rope to walk - may be during Sept 2017.

All said and done, the suggestion is that :smile:

No major commitment on investment is made.

Investment giving modest exposure to available funds in hand should be advisable.

In a way, these are just suggestions. No can though take personal decision understanding the unwinding developments in the following weeks.


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