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Dear Friends,

The current week is going to be very crucial and it is this week which shall set the tone for the market. The following are the hallmark of ensuing developments, in brief :smile:

1. Macro eco data and earning by companies.
2. GDP Data in the offing on qrly basis.
3. Global Trend in the near term.
4. Auto sales by auto majors for Nov 2016
5. Manufacturing data
6. FIIs scenario - overall.
7. US Pay roll data
8. Fed Rate hike - in all probability.
9. Trump factor - eco policy review.

There are two reasons which can act in the positive bias for the Indian market -

Demonetization effect whereby poor has been the biggest victim in so far as availability of cash is concerned. On the other hand, government is flushed with plenty of cash reserves which is most likely to go to banking sector.

Positive Development on account of GST which is likely to work on four tier system taking the states into confidence. It will be 8 - 12 - 18 -28% basis. The worst hit sector shall be which relates to manufacturing luxury good and demerit items.

Overall, in no case Nifty shall trespass the threshold (levels of) 8500 while there are chances of Nifty going below 8000.

It needs to have a close watch on the market than investing in a hurry but for those whoa re more into taking risk.

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