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Dear Friends,

Contrary to the majority opinion that Ms Clinton, Democrat shall make for the Presidency, Mr Donald Trump, Republican has made for the 45th President of USA. On initial process of counting, it was clear that Trump shall seize the opportunity. Market has had a major jolt there by correcting to a great extent. But by the time the final verdict came in, the market had already factored in the news and market took the news to its stride. And was above 8400.

Though, Mr Trump has assured the Americans that he would do everything possible to see that economy is on the sound footing but there is big difference between the action and what one says. Here I would like to add that so far as business and strategic relations/tie up are concerned these are soldom abrogated as a state policy. This should hold good in case of India as well.

On the other hand, there being large scale presence of counterfeit Indian currency from the across the borders and hawala trade which is the main reasons for the cult of anti national elements, government has taken a very bold step and it must be complimented for the same. None of the govt, so far, had taken this initiative. Already those holding black money are declaring their unaccounted money and with this initiative more and more money shall be available with the government which can at best of utilized for infra and other related projects as assured by the government. Perhaps, the main sectors which are feeded by black n unaccounted money are real estate, housing finance and jewellery. And I guess these sectors have seen the effect of this sudden development.

So far we have been very practical and pro active. In that -

Partial Profit booking is in place from time to time.

Members are advised always to keep liquid cash aside to deploy during such corrections. Am sure, these safety tools are in place by the members.

Only rock solid stocks are recommended or included in the folio of respective members.

Suggestion :smile:

My suggestion is to wait for the initial trade in the morning and head for buying in SIP mode than infusing the money in one go. It would serve the best of purpose ; I strongly believe. The reason being that Xmas and possible Fed rate hike shall be knocking at our doors during Dec 2016.

Go for the best and enjoy a hassle free investment culture.

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