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Dear Friends,

It is well said that, "market is the biggest ever slave of different unfolding events across the globe" Be it political disorder at the international level or back home, economic fall out or worsening relations inter nation relationship. This is exactly the same scenario. This time around, though it is at both national and international level. Skirmishes on the IB between India and Pakistan (no let us on the cross - border firing with small and medium fire arms) with he sole aim of pushing the terrorists to cause horror in the bordering state (J & K including Punjab)where those living close to the IB have been asked to move to the safer places. Only God knows when this hostile state policy shall come to an end.
Saner elements are no where to be seen, currently.

At the global level, one can perceive the following :smile:
US Presidential Candidate (decisive moment) - largest World democracy. - 9th Nov 2016

If Mr Trump gains clean victory - mkt across the globe shall head for correction. But correction shall not be for a long period - short lived.

If Ms Henry Clinton comes to power - there shall be all cheers across the World markets.

Xmas - 25th Dec 2016

Generally, it has been experienced over the years that FIIs head for total selling around these times bringing the mkt to near halt. Across the World. They make a come back after around two months n re enter at much discounted pricees.

One can safely assume that :smile:
30% - upmove would be expected.

70% - show down.

But - med to long term we are in fine stead when compared with many global economies.

This is how I can well assume. It would just be advisable for the members to go by their own experience too to be safe.

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