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Dear Friends,

It mandates upon each investor to keep himself/herself updated on the changing trends in the market. It becomes all the way necessary when there are such developments in the waiting. For instance :smile:

1. We have, by and large, dispensed with the festival but for Xmas which is fast approaching - 25th Dec 2016.

2. The feverishness of Q2 results will be over in the next two weeks.

3. Political situation between India and its hostile neighbor is not that good. It is worsening day by day with no end to Pakistan sending terrorist in Kashmir which is bleeding for the past few months.

4. America is heading for election - we have to keep it in mind.

5. During Dec 2016, Fed is again to take its call on hike in rate as also UK is to take its call on Brexit.

Clubbing all this together, it call upon us to take stake of our holding and see that safety mechanism is well in place. During such times, it is all the way necessary to play safe booking part profit where we are sitting on reasonably good profit.

Yes, till Xmas though, we should take advantage of each rise in the Nifty because some companies which have not yet announced results as yet, provide cheers. This must be taken best advantage of. But, ultimate correction in the market has to be kept close to our mind.


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