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Dear Friends,

Today, it gives me immense sense of pride to share with you all (my friends n well wishers), that it has been over ten months when I started extending my advisory services. When look back at the performance, I must say that almost all the stocks recommended by me have given stellar performance. This feed back has been shared with you from time to time. This is not only in line with my services on the MMB but many times better. The latest stocks in our inventory of stocks which have been on the high pitch are :smile:

ADF Food
Doubled from its recommended price.

Jamna Auto
Doubled from its recommended price.

Jenburkt Pharma
Remain in correction and consolidation mode for plenty of time but, it has paid off well. It still has the margin to go.

Coral Lab
One of the best recommended stock which I have been carrying on in my inventory of stock for the past over six years.

So far the system of investment being followed is :smile:

Either the respected member choose the stocks on their own and invest.

Or provide me the information about funds available I shall build the folio at guide you.

I would prefer the second option. Believe me, I never shy away from giving my services, spending time. Yes, the I am more concerned about the nature of return which each of my member should get. This is most important for me.

Wish you the best of rewards always.




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